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Update: Today, I would recommend checking out redis-sentinel, a tool by Redis' author antirez for monitoring and automatic failover. Original reply $ ./redis-trib.rb call info memory | grep 'used_memory_human:' used_memory_human:144.49M used_memory_human:72.70M used_memory_human:918.44K.

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Clúster de redis establecer contraseña - programador clic Ruby | 1340 lines | 1106 code | 84 blank | 150 comment | 133 complexity | 5f832c9956f8a5a030c8d753b52a8ed6 MD5 CSDN问答为您找到redis编译后在src目录下找不到redis-trib.rb文件相关问题答案,如果想了解更多关于redis编译后在src目录下找不到redis-trib.rb文件、java、maven、eclipse技术问题等相关问答,请访问CSDN问答。 redis-trib.rb是官方提供的Redis Cluster的管理工具. 2020-11-26. redis-trib.rb是官方提供的Redis Cluster的管理工具,无需额外下载,默认位于源码包的src目录下,但因该工具是用ruby开发的,所以需要准备相关的依赖环境。 /src/redis-trib.rb. Ruby | 1336 lines | 1102 code | 84 blank | 150 comment | 131 complexity | d0ecdfa5bda214e177b2e6c656038fc3 MD5 redis-trib.rb找不到 442 2020-07-28 今天搞了下redis集群,发现版本跟不上环境,特意问了下度娘还是得不到有效的答案,因此借着谷歌翻译,解读了下错误原因(啊,英语真的不好) $ redis-trib.rb create --replicas 1 应改为 原来的 redis-trib.rb create ip:port 改后的 redis-cli --cluster create ip:port. redis-trib.rb和redis-cli部署redis主从集群的异同.

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1、create:创建集群 2、check:检查集群 3、info:查看集群信息 4、fix:修复集群 5、reshard:在线迁移slot 6、rebalance:平衡集群节点slot数量 7、add-node:将新节点加入集群 8、del-node:从集群中删除节点 9、set-timeout:设置集群节点间心跳连接的超时时间 10、call:在集群全部节点上执行命令 11、import:将外部redis数据导入集群. 在配置redis的时候执行:. lilongjiu@bogon:~/redis/redis-3.0.7/src$ ./redis-trib.rb create --replicas 0 报错:. redis-trib.rb: command not found.

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6 HACER UNA SOLICITUD 8 VISUALIZAR DATOS 10 CONTACTO. The problem I am having is this, like all other tutorials uses the ruby redis-trib.rb script to create the cluster after discovering all of the nodes and this guy seems to be no longer supported Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes, Streams, HyperLogLogs, Bitmaps. - redis/redis. redis-trib.rb is a Ruby-based redis cluster management tool.

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* Python Redis - 30 примеров найдено. Это лучшие примеры Python кода для redisclient.Redis, полученные  sleep(3). fix = subprocess.Popen(['ruby', 'redis-trib.rb', 'fix', master_ip_port], stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL). redis-trib.rb 스크립트로 클러스터를 만듭니다.

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You need to install redis gem to be able to run  Redis-trib will propose you a configuration. Accept the proposed configuration by typing yes. The cluster will be configured and joined, which Persistent key-value database with network interface (client) Redis is a key-value database in a similar vein to memcache but the  Persistent key-value database with network interface (client) Redis is a redis-tools • apt package info.